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What makes a MAZARINE® dock box the best dock box on the planet? MAZARINE® dock boxes contain 6 unique features that makes it the best dock box on the planet. Vessel match customization, solar power, a dehumidifying system, integrated locking system, interior & exterior LED lighting and an unheard of 2.5" high pressure foam core construction are all standard on Mazarine dock boxes. For more information, see our FEATURES page. What size is a MAZARINE® dock box? At 72" wide, 30" tall and 30" deep, there's plenty of room for all of your supplies & gear. That's 64,800 cubic inches of storage space. Do I have to use solar power? No. Although MAZARINE® dock boxes come standard with solar panels, you may also run shore power to the case in case of a roof or long periods of little to no sun. Can I secure the case to the dock? Yes. Each case comes with a dock lock, which is attached thru the center foot of your dock box and drilled into the dock to prevent theft. You can also watch this video for more information. Can a MAZARINE® keep drinks cold? Oh yeah! Our cases are extremely insulated and melted ice drains right out of the bottom of the case in the same manner as our moisture is removed from the case from the dehumidifier. The amount of cold cans of... whatever... that a MAZARINE® holds is a mystery still unsolved. Will a MAZARINE® dock box fit at my marina? Some marinas place size restrictions on width and depth of dock boxes. You may want to check with your dock master if you are interested in purchasing a MAZARINE® for your slip. How does the dehumidifier work? Can it be turned off? Our dehumidifier is monitored electronically and only runs when the humidity inside the case reaches a humidity level that would begin to cause any mold, mildew or deterioration. As moisture is collected inside the case it drips outside of the case directly onto the dock for quick evaporation. The dehumidifier will continue to run until the unit has been dried out to a level of humidity well beyond acceptable or the custom LIO battery needs to recharge to continue to run. Most customers find the unit stays dry all the time due to the high performance dehumidification system installed. You can also watch this video for more information. How do the LED lights work? The exterior LED lights are controlled via photosensitive cells in the solar panel. As the outside sun light declines, the exterior LED lights turn on automatically. Via the included LED lights remote, the lights can be turned on or off full time. You can also watch this video for more information. How long should I expect to receive my MAZARINE® dock box? Most orders are shipped out within 3-4 weeks of being placed. Production time, shipping times and shipping pricing can vary based upon your geographic location and seasonality. Heading out soon? We can expedite the production and shipping. CONTACT US for more information. Can MAZARINE® design a logo for me? Absolutely. Our creative team can design a logo for you at a small fee which includes 3-5 logo choices to choose from. Once you have chosen your logo, we will provide it to you in the 3 most common formats apparel printers & sign shops use. Can an image or icon be a part of my sign? Our capabilities truly depend on the artwork provided and is handled on a case by case basis. Simple icons may be doable but more complicated artwork is typically not able to be laser cut and installed within our production facility. What format should my boat logo be sent in? Logos can be sent in a vector format or any of these file types: .EPS, .PDF, .JPEG, .PNG Does MAZARINE® offer wholesale or bulk pricing? Yes! We offer wholesale and bulk pricing discounts for marine retailers, brokers and marinas. Reach out to us directly at anytime via our CONTACT US page to find out more. We always respond within 24 hours. Who should I contact for questions or service? You can reach out to us directly at anytime via our CONTACT US page. We always respond within 24 hours.

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